Principal Investigators: A. L. Kurapov, J. S. Allen, G. D. Egbert, R. N. Miller


The scientific objectives of this research project are to develop practical, but still nearly optimal methods for the assimilation of data (surface current measurements from High Frequency (HF) radars; current and temperature measurements from moored arrays; satellite SST and altimetry) into coastal ocean circulation models, and to apply these methods to measurements from the Oregon shelf. An additional scientific objective is to utilize data assimilation to study the physics of coastal ocean circulation processes.


We envision the development of an optimal, versatile, and relocatable data-assimilation system based on a primitive equation model with a turbulence submodel. The planned system could be used efficiently both for fundamental studies of coastal ocean dynamics and for operational needs (forecasting, search and rescue, environmental response).

Funding for this project is provided by the Office of Naval Research through Grant #N00014-98-1-0043

Data used in this project for assimilation and model verification include those from NSF-funded COAST and GLOBEC programs
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